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These versions of the traditional tales are written by Dez Quarréll who painted the pictures which form the core of the Mythstories Collection. Dez has been working in the Arts for over forty years, as a painter, illustrator, ceramicist and storyteller. Curiously though he is most proud of finding his name on a rock family tree in his role as a jazz bass guitar player.

Workshop participants from Longden School, Staffordshire

Stories have been the starting point for much of Dez's work. He became fixated with them when at Primary School when his Anglo-Indian teacher told him folk tales and Indian epics after class while he washed brushes and glue pots.

The nine "Shropshire Myths" paintings were first displayed in a tour around the county's tourist sites in 1997. They were also used in an educational project with Shropshire schools completed in September 1998 with an exhibition at Shrewsbury Abbey called "Telling Tales". Now they can be seen in the Shropshire Gallery at Mythstories museum of myth and fable.

In 1998 Dez set up this web site and the following year, together with his wife, Ali Quarréll, founded Mythstories museum of myth and fable in Shrewsbury on the English side of the Welsh border.

In October 2000 they handed over Mythstories to trustees and Mythstories became a charity, which was registered by the Charity Commission in April 2001. In September 2001 the museum relocated to The Morgan Library, in the nearby Shropshire market town of Wem. Dez and Ali continue to work as curators and storytellers at the museum.

Dez loves designing, making and playing with storytelling artefacts and sharing their secrets with school groups who visit the museum. He has also been known to indulge in towel origami to illustrate his stories.

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