Towards the happily ever after

Professional Storytellers
around Shropshire

Arts Council England

Fran O'Boyle

Fran is an experienced storyteller who has worked with all ages and abilities in schools all over the UK and Ireland for a good number of years.

His focus is on helping children to take an interest in literature and helping them to develop their literacy skills by building confidence and stimulating the imagination through storytelling.

He is particularly adept at working with children who are challenged with behavioural and learning skills.

Fran mixes cartoon and illustration in with his sessions and also brings history to life with a Victorian living history time travelling character who gets the children to create a story using ingredients brought with him in various bottles and jars.

His stories are mainly of Saxon, Norse and Irish origins with one or two of his own thrown into the mix.

He is based in Shrewsbury and you can contact him on 07807260558 or Storyteller Fran O'Boyle (Facebook).