The Giant & The Cobbler

But That's Only A Jam Tart!

photograph by Gordon Dickins The Wrekin looks quite a lot like a volcano and it is made of volcanic rock, but it isn't a volcano. Nobody knows exactly where the volcano vent was that deposited all the ash and rock which made the Wrekin.
You can see how a volcanic eruption happens just by baking jam tarts. Put pastry circles in a tart tray and put a spoonful of jam into each. Then cover each one with another pastry circle as a lid. Press the lids well around the edges to seal them and make a little hole in the top of each one (this represents a fault in the earth's crust).
Pop the tarts into the oven, and wait while they cook. When they come out the jam will have 'erupted' out of the vent. As the jam and air inside the pastry cases got hotter and hotter the pressure built up because both jam and air expand when they get hotter. When the pressure inside the case got too high it found the weakest spot (the vent) as an escape route. The jam erupted just like a volcano - Now let them cool down a bit and it's "happy eating", I bet you didn't know science could be so tasty.

What Would You Look Like?

Giants are so tall that we must look very funny to them when they look down on us.
Get a model (maybe a Lego person) and look down on it as if you were a giant. Now can you draw what you would look like to the giant. Send your picture to The Gallery.

Take Him Home

The Giant is at Wellington, having created the Wrekin. Which route would you chose to send him home to Wales. Don't forget, keep him away from Shrewsbury - we don't want any more trouble.

So Misleading

Can you think up an alternative story to make the giant calm down and go home? Send it to The Gallery.

That Explains It All

There are many stories that tell about how hills, mountains, lakes and other features came to be where they are now. The Giant and the Cobbler is just one of many stories of the origin of the Wrekin. Tales like this come from all around the world. Prince Edward Island, in Canada, is said to be a pillow for a sleepy giant, Glooskap.
Can you come up with a myth to explain a hill, stream or lake near you? Send it to The Gallery.

The Devil

Most of the stories told about giants and the Wrekin are also told with the Devil as the major character. Here's a song about The Devil and the Farmer's Wife for you to try to sing. Click here to see the lyric and sing the song.

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