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The Giant & The Cobbler

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No-one knew quite what the Mayor of Shrewsbury had done to the giant, but it had certainly made him angry.

This particular giant wasn't known for his good temper. When he got annoyed everybody with a shred of sense would hide away and let him cool down.

This time he was so mad that his Welsh neighbours thought he might never be calm again. They were very relieved when he stomped off across the border heading for Shrewsbury with his gigantic, gold spade full of good, Welsh earth.

What was the giant going to do?

Well, he aimed to dump his load of mud into the River Severn, damming it up, flooding Shrewsbury, and drowning all the townsfolk.

I don't know if you've heard of people who get so annoyed that they can't see straight? Well luckily enough this giant was one of those. He walked straight past Shrewsbury and didn't realise he was lost until he got to Wellington.

By this time he was tired too. He put down his spade of earth and scraped the mud off his boots. Then he started to look around for someone to guide him on his way.

A wise cobbler was on his way home to Wellington, with a bag full of holed shoes to mend, when he met the giant.

The giant told the cobbler of his quest and asked directions to Shrewsbury.

Now the cobbler may not have liked the people of Shrewsbury with their proud and haughty ways, but he valued their money. So he took a boot from his bag and showed the giant the hole in its sole.

"I've worn out all these shoes walking back from Shrewsbury", he said.

The giant breathed a deep, defeated sigh, turned on his heels, and set off home for Wales.

What did he leave behind him?

A spadeful of earth - The Wrekin. And his boot scrapings - Ercall Hill.

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